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Our School

Tiger Lee's martial arts classes are a great way to instill confidence, build strength and agility, control weight, sharpen focus, increase self-discipline and respect, reduce stress, and develop coordination in a fun environment where you will build lasting friendships with positive, like-minded individuals.

We strive to provide a clean, bright, and safe training environment - the finest facility, and the best martial arts instruction available in the Denver area.

At our school we are dedicated to maintaining an encouraging atmosphere and learning environment. It is our intention to balance positive discipline and a high level of expectation with respect, enthusiasm, encouragement, and support.

We constantly do our best to be role models for what we would like our students to learn. At Tiger Lee's World Class Tae Kwon Do, our intention is that our students learn skills to be prepared for success in life as well as in martial arts.

Our Goals at Tiger Lee's World Class Tae Kwon Do are:

  • To consistently provide the highest quality in martial arts instruction
  • To help each and every student reach their maximum potential in all areas of their training
  • To bring a positive impact to students' lives through Tae Kwon Do